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Does your dog

Does your dog

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Professional Dog Training Milton Keynes, Bedford, Luton, Dunstable and surrounding areas

Practical help and results with behaviour problems. We offer a range of training and behaviour services for dogs of all ages including..

  • Puppy Classes

  • General and advanced obedience

  • One to one training

  • Home visits for behaviour problems

  • Ongoing support & advice

  • Behaviour assessment for Court and Social Services

(Class sizes usually limited to maximum 8 dogs)    CLASSES

..but he's so good in the house..

But he's so good in the house

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Behaviour problems ? Need a home visit ?

  • Barking?  Pulling?  Riot in the car?  Biting?  Running off?   Home-alone problems ?  Serious aggression?

Practical, professional training and problem solving. We don't just talk.

Call us to stop your dog pulling, stop your dog barking at things, stop aggressive dog behaviour and stop your dog biting.

Relief could be just a phone call away.    Give us a ring.    Talk to a professional

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Has your dog has landed you in trouble ?

  • Dog assessment for Court & Social services

Behavioural and character assessment and recommendations for Court or Social Services etc.


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Shopping around for help ?    already had a home visit but it didn't help ?

  • Be careful, dog-training is an un-regulated profession.

    • Anyone can advertise training and behaviour services and take money off you.

    • The law does not require them to be trained, qualified or experienced.

    • Be careful what you believe. Be careful who you give money to.

    • If you think you have been told a lot of nonsense that doesn't work then you probably have been.

  • "She just sat there for four hours and talked and talked - but nothing she said works!" (Mr W. [Clifton]).

  • "...just told me to climb out of the (upstairs bedroom) window if the dog wouldn't let me out through the door." (Mrs D. [Luton])

  • "..told me it would take 20 one-to-one sessions (about £800 at the rate they quoted) to stop my dog pulling on lead." (Mr M. [South Beds.])

  • "... seemed afraid to actually touch my dog and wouldn't go near it. All they did was talk." (Mrs P. [Wootton])

  • "... told me to call him and give him a treat every time he barked out of the window. Now he does it all day long." (Mr T. [Dunstable])

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One-to-One training

  • Training classes are a vital part of every dog's education but if you have a specific problem, such as recall or pulling on lead then we can probably solve it in a single one-to-one lesson. One-to-ones are increasingly popular and great fun and for most things, you probably won't need more than one lesson. We come out to you and do the training with you and your dog out in the real world.

  • Prices: For visits within 30 miles (48km) of Bedford, prices range from £95 to £195 per session (you usually only need one). Beyond 30 miles, please call for prices.

  • What results should I expect from a house visit or one-to-one ?

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Embarrassed ? Let down ? Ignored ? Fobbed off ? Ripped off ?

In the class, the trainer told you to go into a corner away from the others ?

You felt left out, embarrassed, angry - why didn't they help you ?

Your trainer told you your dog "isn't old enough" to learn ...#?~@*#.. yet  ?

Your "trainer" has been "helping" with the problem for months but it just never gets any better ?

  • You're not alone. "Trainers" who don't know how to help with difficult dogs are increasingly common these days.

  • Come to us instead; we're friendly and experienced and we understand your problem. We don't ignore or embarras you and we won't waste your time. We work with you and your dog to address the problem.

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Afraid to walk the dog ?

  • Here's some feedback from a satisfied customer after a one-to-one house visit: "Hi Phil. Got your email thanks. Took F. out this morning - GREAT!!!!!!!!! Saw three dogs on other side of main road, not even a growl, just a quick look. It was a pleasure walking him. Will be doing it more often thanks to you. Mrs T. (Luton)"

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Dog Attack ? Injury ? Threat?  The Dangerous Dogs Act: Is your dog going to land you in court ?

  • Harsher new penalties are in force NOW!

  • If your dog attacks, injures or even threatens people in a public place then you could be prosecuted and your dog seized and destroyed..   The Dangerous Dogs Act

  • Does your dog NIP VISITORS ? You could be prosecuted and jailed and your dog destroyed by order of the court under the new, even tougher Dangerous Dogs Act.

  • Call us NOW - get expert advice and practical help to stop aggression

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Confused by books websites and TV programmes ?

  • They all say different things

  • You've tried what they say and it doesn't work.

  • Most people find this.  Forget books, websites and TV programmes. There are solid, practical reasons why you won't  get any useful, reliable behaviour modification advice from them. Call us. Talk to a professional.


Puppy owners:

It is vital for your puppy to meet other puppies and people before it is twelve weeks old (sixteen weeks at the latest). This is the process that mostly stops your puppy getting aggressive to other dogs (and people) later in life. Being with its litter-mates or other dogs in your own home is not the same thing. Do your best to get your new puppy into a puppy class before then. Most trainers will accept puppies a week after their first injection. If we haven't got a class at a time to suit you then try and find another. You only have a short time in the puppy's life to do this; later won't do. Do it now or just wish you had later on!


Watch out for puppy farms

Doing a course on dog training and behaviour ? Fed up with popular authors' bottled opinions on the dog-wolf connection? Get the unfiltered facts about dogs and wolves from the Anglian Wolf Society's own publications

Who says you can't get a greyhound to sit!
AWS Dogs. Registered office: P.O. Box 1273 Wootton MK43 9WU
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