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Classes in Milton Keynes & Bedford and other areas:

Puppy classes: These are 6-week courses covering standard Kennel Club puppy foundation socialisation and training. Entry age 8 to 25 weeks. Your puppy must already have had at least its first vaccination. Additional support is also given with various information sheets, discussions and advice on specific behaviour problems such as toilet training, chewing, biting etc.

Puppy Continuation classes: These are 6 or eight week courses designed to add a little more control. We will usually cover additional material from the Kennel Club Good Citizen silver and gold sheme although we do provide specific silver and gold classes.

Junior Obedience classes: These are basic, simple obedience lessons. Usually 6 lessons in a series. Entry age 26 weeks and over. These classes tend to suit dogs that missed puppy classes and are now too old.

Remedial Socialisation classes. We sometimes run obedience courses specifically for dogs which have behaviour problems. Content is tailored to the needs of the dogs and owners attending. Admission is strictly after a behaviour consultation. These classes are designed to address problems such as dog-to-dog aggression, dog-to-human aggression, socialisation issues, shyness and many other problems. One of our main objectives is to increase owner confidence and whilst these classes are kept under tight control, the emphasis is on learning and fun and experience shows that both dogs and owners enjoy and profit from the whole experience.

Please note that we do not do agility.

Times and venues are always changing and it's too difficult to keep on updating this page with them. Please contact us to find out which classes are running in your area.

One-to-one training and house visits

No time to do classes every week ?   "One-to-one" is the new "Classes"

Training classes are a vital part of every dog's education but if you have a specific problem, such as recall or pulling on lead then we can probably solve it in a single one-to-one lesson. One-to-ones are increasingly popular and great fun. For most things, you probably won't need more than one or maybe two lessons. We come out to you and do the training with you and your dog out in the real world.